Privacy in a Cyber Age, Policy and Practice

This book lays out the foundation of a privacy doctrine suitable to the cyber age. It limits the volume, sensitivity, and secondary analysis that can be carried out. In studying these matters, the book examines the privacy issues raised by the NSA, publication of state secrets, and DNA usage.

Praktische informatie

  • Authors: Etzioni, Amitai, Rice, Christopher J
  • ISBN 978-1-137-51396-0
  • Prijs: EUR 105,00


Table of contents (10 chapters)

  1. A Cyber Age Privacy Doctrine
  2. More Coherent, Less Subjective, and Operational
  3. Eight Nails into
  4. Privacy: A Personal Sphere, Not Home-Bound
  5. The Privacy Merchants
  6. The Private Sector: A Reluctant Partner in Cybersecurity
  7. Liberal Communitarian Approach to Privacy and Security
  8. The Right to Be Forgotten
  9. Balancing National Security and Individual Rights
  10. DNA Searches: A Liberal Communitarian Approach


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