Cybercrime Risks and Responses, Eastern and Western Perspectives

This book examines the most recent and contentious issues in relation to cybercrime facing the world today, and how best to address them. The contributors show how Eastern and Western nations are responding to the challenges of cybercrime, and the latest trends and issues in cybercrime prevention and control.

Praktische Informatie

  • ISBN 978-1-137-47416-2
  • Prijs 95,24
  • Editors: Russell G. Smith, Ray Cheung, Laurie Yiu-Chung Lau
  • Uitgeverij: Palgrave Macmillan UK

Table of contents (17 chapters)

  1. Introduction: Cybercrime Risks and Responses — Eastern and Western Perspectives
  2. Trajectories of Cybercrime
  3. Ethical, Legal, and Methodological Considerations in Cyber Research: Conducting a Cyber Ethnography of
  4. That Cyber Routine, That Cyber Victimization: Profiling Victims of Cybercrime
  5. Organized Cybercrime and National Security
  6. Internet Fraud in Hong Kong: An Analysis of a Sample of Court Cases
  7. The Role of Spam in Cybercrime: Data from the Australian Cybercrime Pilot Observatory
  8. Quantifying Sexually Explicit Language
  9. Spreading the Message Digitally: A Look into Extremist Organizations’ Use of the Internet
  10. Criminals in the Cloud: Crime, Security Threats, and Prevention Measures
  11. Hong Kong’s Experience in Strengthening the Security Measures of Retail Payment Services
  12. Banking Security: A Hong Kong Perspective
  13. Complicity in Cyberspace: Applying Doctrines of Accessorial Liability to Online Groups
  14. Profiling Cybercrime Perpetrators in China and its Policy Countermeasures
  15. When Privacy Meets Social Networking Sites — with Special Reference to Facebook
  16. An Introduction to Cyber Crowdsourcing (Human Flesh Search) in the Greater China Region
  17. Hacktivism and Whistleblowing in the Era of Forced Transparency?

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